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1. In the suuq

2. Zitouna - the Great mosque

3. Café M'Rabet

4. Bab el Bahr

5. Government quarters

6. Halfaouine

7. Bab Souika

8. Place Halfaouine

9. Bab el Khadra

10. Doors

11. Colonial houses

12. Cathedral

13. Modern town

14. At night

15. Bardo museum


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Tunis, Tunisia

Tunis, Tunisia

Writers of the travel guides Lonely Planet and Rough Guide call this cathedral respectively "ugly" and "monstrous". I disagree, as it represents an architectural style of its own, that only could be conceived among Europeans living in an Oriental culture.
The Cathedral of St. Vincent de Paul was built in 1882, the year after that the French took formal control over Tunisia.
Even if the cathedral of Tunis has been mocked for its architecture, it still is a fascinating monument over the European presence in Tunis.

By Tore Kjeilen