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Zama Minor

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Where world history was changed
Zama Minor, Tunisia

In the power battle of the states of Rome and Carthage, one may say that it was the defeat of Hannibal at Zama which turned the status in Rome's favour. And that this allowed the emergence of what would become the Roman Empire.
And this is the place where the battle was staged, in 202 BCE. From the nature, it is easy to understand where the Carthagians were, and where the Romans were advancing. The terrain here made Zama a natural fortress, with steep sides leading down to the valleys below.

Zama Minor, Tunisia

Zama Minor, Tunisia

The main field of excavation at Zama Minor is in the process of slowly having its temples and buildings recreated. But from my own judgement when visiting in September 2005, the area will not open for tourism in a long time. Still, I must say that there is more above ground than I expected!
The field contains the Roman city built a few centuries after the battle, and is made up of a dense centre, with a few temples and a market area. Stones used here are just as white as the one's used at Siressi.

In the case you head out here, you will most likely have to wait a long time before there is a truck or something heading out here, or arrange for you own transportation. All this happens in Siliana, which may easily also be where you have your dinner and spend the night.
Should you hire a taxi or something, you may as well throw in Ksour Toual and Kbor Klib. That whole thing could easily be done in 2-4 hours.

By Tore Kjeilen