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Our Mission

Our mission at i-Cias is to be the largest and most comprehensive encyclopedia of the Orient. We cover the history, mythology, and culture of this area. Our goal is to offer well-researched articles and ideas in ways everybody can enjoy regardless of their personal experience, education, and knowledge.

i-Cias is a one-stop online resource covering all countries, religions, and cultures between Mauritania and Iran, Turkey and Sudan, and everything in between.

Our website contains nothing but original material. What you read here is written by people who are as passionate as we are about Oriental history. We upload content weekly, so you can always find something new and exciting.

On this website, you will find compelling and well-researched articles about the Orient. Search through our definitions, timelines, books, maps, and illustrations. Educate yourself in their rich culture, exciting history, and influential people.

Our mission is to educate and entertain those who are looking to learn. We want you to be engaged in the beauty of the oriental world and understand how it has become the world power it is today. Unlike boring school history lessons, we have found the most interesting characters throughout history to write about.

When creating i-Cias, our goal was to make history as compelling and exciting as we find it. We want anyone who stumbles upon our website to be entranced by these beautiful stories of people, cultures, and religions you may not have had any knowledge of. The world is so big, yet so many of us only know part of what makes it so attractive.

While we use professional and experienced writers who thoroughly research their content, we want it to seem down to Earth. This site isn’t just for those with degrees who work as professors. It will be easily understandable to anyone with a passing interest in the subject. Everyone should enjoy the content found on this website.

Who We Are

We are teachers, and we are students. We are writers, and we are readers. We are explorers and adventurers. Our thirst for knowledge will never stop.

We want to share with the world every bit of knowledge we have collected over the years. We want to impart our love for the Orient to every citizen in every country. We aren’t judgemental of history, nor of the people who lived through it.

We are the people who find one fact about one person and dive in to find out everything about their life. In our articles, you will find questions you never even knew you wanted to answer.

While we have no formal training, we believe that education doesn’t end at school. This is why this website is written and presented in such an accessible way. You don’t have to have had a formal education to understand the content of this website. Accessibility has always been important to us and will not change as this site expands and grows.

What We Offer

We are an encyclopedia of everything relating to the Orient. Read through our website and learn about everything from mythological tales of heroes and villains to historical timelines and biographies of some of the Orient’s most interesting characters.

To keep up to date with all the great content we post, follow us on social media. There you can stay up to date with all our posts and our writers. Our user-friendly website allows users to filter our articles, helping you find the latest and the most popular posts.

Suppose you are looking for a specific article or what we have written about a particular topic, person, or area of expertise. Our website covers so much unique Orient content. We want it to be as easy to find as possible to find what you are looking for.

We Want to Talk

We are passionate about the Orient. Studying, discussing, and analyzing the history of the Orient only helps us better understand the subject. In many of our articles, our goal is to start a talking point. Tell us any facts you’ve learned about the subject depicted, or create a conversation by commenting on our posts or social media.

We believe we would be a much more tolerant and educated society if we all communicated with each other. All our articles are crafted to open a dialogue about Oriental history and encourage people to read further into the subject.

We believe that the past much inspires the way we live our lives in the 21st century. By understanding the nuances of religious and mythological history, we can realize our now and our future. How we interpret the past can help define ourselves as both individuals and as a cultural group.

Learning about the history of cultures and religions outside of our own can help us interact and view other people from different backgrounds, cultures, and lifestyles. We can only become better people when we become aware of our fellow humans and their cultural history.

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If you have a question about anything found on this website, get in touch with us today. You can ask us a question about our content, recommend a subject for us to write about, or send us a fact about one of the topics we have covered.

We want to hear from you whether you have a submission, a comment, a question, or even a favorite quotation you want to tell everybody about. Our goal is to widen the discussion circle as much as possible to gain a wide range of ideas, interpretations, and course knowledge.

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