Click on Arabic letters to play sound

s (sîn)
sh (shîn)

s (sâd) stressed s, always transliterated as bold s

d (dâd) stressed d, always transliterated as bold d

t (tâ’) stressed t, always transliterated as bold t

z (zâ’) stressed z, always transliterated as bold z

n (nûn)

ExplanationBy now you should be getting a grasp on writing and reading Arabic. The letters presented here are not saddled with special characteristics, differing them from letters in earlier lessons. One little thing perhaps: Note that even if nûn is resembling letters like bâ’, tâ’ and thâ’, it is still making up a group of its own: It is drawn with a round loop, when standing alone or as the last letter in a word.
Have you remembered to start practicing on your own? However evident, let us underline: There is no better way of learning to read Arabic than through writing Arabic text on your own.
Examples and Grammar
shatt– beach.

danna– being miserly.

nasr– victory. Hey, this is the same as former president of Egypt’s name: Nasser. I guess that it is a good name for a ruler of a country.

matâr– airport.

‘islâm– Islam. One thing here: Note the connection between lâm and ‘alif. These two letters have a couple of interesting forms of joining together,- not to difficult to grasp, but more on that later.


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