Arabic: shi¢i Other spellings: Shia Islam, Shi'a Islam, Shii Islam Contents 1. Ali as Caliph 2. Husayn is killed, and Shi'i Islam is born 3. Successful rebellions 4. Final success in Persia 5. Theology 6. Who has the right belief? Shi'is...

Ba’th Socialist Party

Arabic: hizbu l-ba¢th Other spellings: Ba'ath; Baath Contents 1. Ideology 2. Iraq 3. Jordan 4. Lebanon 5. North Yemen 6. South Yemen 7. Syria 8. History Related articles Michel Aflaq Zaki Arsuzi Hafez al-Assad Salah al-Din Bitar Saddam Hussein Salah Jadid Arab political party and movement in the Middle East, principally in Syria and Iraq, where its...

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