Arabic: ¢adan


Aden, Yemen.

City of Yemen, and the country’s winter capital, with 590,000 inhabitants (2005 estimate), situated in the south of the country, at the Gulf of Aden.
Aden is made up of easily distinguishable centers, surrounding what once was the crater of a volcano, rising up to 300 metres above sea level. Of the old volcano crater, only the Bay of Aden remains. Its total diametre is about 20 km, and greater Aden is made up of Crater, Khurmaksar, Al-Burayqa (also known as Little Aden), Madinatu sh-Sha’b, Ma’alla, and At-Tawahi.
The British captured Aden in 1839, and made it the most important port of Yemen. This was at first at the expense of Mukha.
Aden was capital of South Yemen, for the period from 1967 to 1990, when North and South Yemen united.
Aden is the second largest city of a united Yemen, but since it is the main sea port of the country, it is also the economic capital of the entire country.

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