Turkish: Firat
Arabic: ‘al-furāt

Euphrates river, in the region of Sanliurfa, Turkey. Photo: sly06.



Tigris Euphrates Baghdad Turkey Iran Iraq Syria Persian Gulf







The early stretches of the Euphrates river, here in Turkey. Photo: Nik Wheeler/Corbis.



The Euphrates near the village of Dura Europos, southeastern Syria. Photo: Verity Cridland.


The Euphrates at Al-Anbar, Iraq. Photo: Jayel Aheram.


An Iraqi barrage of the Euphrates, 100 km northwest of Ramadi. Photo: ESA/NASA.

River in the Middle East, rising in Turkey, passing through Syria before it ends in Iraq where together with Tigris it forms the Shatt al-Arab riverway.

The Euphrates is 2,735 km long and has a discharge of 900,000 liters per second. The surface of the river is 450,000 kmē. The Euphrates gets 90% of its water from Turkey, through a set of tributary rivers like Karasu, Murat, and Khabur.

About 1,230 km of the run is in Turkey, 710 km in Syria, and 1,060 km in Iraq.


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