Most likely this is a representation of Mani.

(216-276) Founder of the religion now called Manichaeism.

His family was Persian, but his name is Aramaic. Most probable, he originally belonged to the Christian sect, Elkhasitts, which borrowed heavily from Judaism, has been deemed heretical. Reaching India in his travels, his teachings became influenced by Buddhism.

Mani practiced under the protection of the Persian emperor, Shapur 1, most of his life. As his teaching quickly gained ground, he came in opposition to the Zoroastrian priests, and with the emperor Bahram 1 from 274, Mani lost his protection, and he either died in prison or was executed. The death of Mani is retold as an incident similar to the crucifixion of Jesus.


216: Born in the province Babylon which was under Persian rule.
228: Has a vision where an angel told him that he would be the prophet of a last divine revelation.
240: Receives the same vision that he had when he was 12.
242: Starts a long journey, proclaiming to be the “Messenger of Truth”, embarking on extensive travels around the Persian Empire.
œ Travelling as far as India, where he learns about Buddhism.


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