Arabic: diyy

Judge in Islam, whose responsibility is restricted to issues connected to religion.
A qadi must be a man educated in Islamic science, and his performance must be totally congruent with Sharia without using his own interpretation. In a trial in front of a qadi, it is the plaintiff who is responsible to bring evidence against the defendant in order to have him or her convicted. There are no appeals to the judgements of a qadi.
A qadi must not receive gifts from participants in a trial and he must be careful in engaging himself in trade. Despite the rules for the office, Muslim history is full of complaints about qadis. Often it has been a problem, that qadis have been managers of waqfs, religious endowments.
The origin of the institution of qadi, is the old Arab arbitrator, the hakam, but qualities from officials in areas conquered by Arabs have been added to the structure.

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