Religious groups, representing their own religion. The number of adherents is now between 550 and 600 individuals. About half of the Samaritans live in Kiryat Luza, close to Mount Gerizim, just south of Nablus in Palestine, which is their religious center. The rest live in Holon district right outside Tel Aviv in Israel.

This group has many traditions in common with the Jews, due to common roots. The Samaritans of Palestine participate in the life of Palestine, while the Samaritans of Israel participate in the Israeli society.

The Samaritans broke with the Jewish majority in 6th century BCE and constructed a temple on the mountain Gerizim. The Samaritans have been the object of much hate from the Jewish community, something which can be seen in Gospels, where Jesus uses the Samaritans as a metaphor of despised, yet helping people, i.e. the good Christian.

Samaritans’ headquarters at Mt. Gerizim.

Samaritans by country
Last column: % Samaritans of the population
Israel 300 <0.1%
Palestine 300 <0.1%
Total *) 600 <0.1%

Torah of the Samaritans, written in Phoenician script.


Samaritan priest.





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