Religion of the Shabak people in northern Iraq, mainly in the Mosul region. Rough estimates make 70% the Shabaks believers in their native religion, while 30% are Sunni Muslim converts. This would make there about 70,000 adherents.

It is common that Shabaks themselves will say that their faith is a form of Shi’i Islam, but their actual faith and rituals have little to do with islam, clearly having every characteristic of an independent religion. In this respect, Shabak religion is another of the taqiyya religions.

Shabak religion has its own sacred book, the Buyruk, written in Turkmen. The Shabak faith does contain elements of Islam, as well as Christianity and other religions. There is a close affinity between Shabak religion and Yazidism, and Shabaks perform pilgrimage to Yazidi shrines.


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