Zagros Mountains, Iran

















Mountain range dominating western Iran, touching Iraq. Another designation is the Kurdish Mountains. The name Zagros, comes from the Zagarthian people, probably of European ancestry.

The total length of the mountain ridges that make up Zagros is about 1,500 km, beginning in northeastern Iraq, ending at the Strait of Hormuz. Many peaks are higher than 3,000 meters. The highest single mountain is the Zard Kuh at an elevation of 4,548 meters.

The main stone of the Zagros is limestone and dolomite. Snow is common in winter, and many mountain peaks have some snow even through summer. Many parts of the Zagros can have annual rainfall passing 1,000 mm. Some of the rivers on the western side of the mountain range carry water all through the year.

The Zagros region helps to give good conditions for agriculture in the nearby valleys, and agriculture and livestock raising are the main sources of income in the region.

The main Iranian cities of the Zagros are Esfahan (1.4 million), Shiraz (1.1 million), Borujerd (250,000), Dezful (240,000), Malayer (180,000), Behbehan (150,000), Masjed-e Soleyman (130,000) and Shahr Kord. The main Iraqi city is Sulaymaniyah (700,000). All are 2005 estimates.

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